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Embracing All That is Good

There’s not much new to share this week and that’s a good thing. I’ve been just mentally exhausted for the past couple of months. While every day feels a bit like groundhog day, the continual bombardment of news of the pandemic and politics is just wearing on me. Add to that the wildfires in California and the double hurricanes bearing down on the south–all I can say is that it has been one crazy year. 

My way of coping? I’ve been looking for the good in everything around me. I’ve been finding things to laugh about. This Jim Gaffigan comedy special on Amazon made my husband and me laugh so hard. The bit he did on marathon running is hilarious! I’m continuing to enjoy my job of caring for children and their families. It’s been empowering working on getting stronger. And enjoying the beautiful weather we have been blessed with. Running with the sunrise. Exploring the trails. Connecting with friends. 
Wednesday’s trail run

Weekly Rundown
Monday: CrossFit with running 850m
Tuesday: Run 5.1 miles
Wednesday: Trail run 6.3 miles
Thursday: Strength train with running 800m
Friday: Run 5.5 miles
Saturday: Waterski 
Sunday: Run 6 miles, Waterski


The weather gods continue to shine down on us with low humidity and high sunshine. Even though it was dark when I woke up on Tuesday morning, I got up to run because the conditions were perfect. A nicely paced run around my neighborhood, I caught the sunrise and held a handstand at the end. It was a great start to the day.
On Wednesday, I laced up and headed to the trails. Working on endurance for my fall half marathons, I promised myself I’d stick to the main trail this time. Only at the end did I divert into the woods for quick dash on the single track. I was really happy with this run.
I ran on the bike path on Friday and caught another sunrise. I also saw a group of running friends. This was another really nicely paced run. The cooler mornings are giving life to these old legs!
I woke up to a cool, quiet Sunday morning at the lake. I knew I would be going for a ski before we headed home, so I contemplated a run. After a cup of coffee, I convinced myself to go. I surprised myself with a nicely paced 6 miler. Yes, I’ve slowed down, but I can’t complain how I’m running right now. I feel strong right now and I’m enjoying my runs. Like I said a few weeks ago, if it isn’t fun, then why do it?


Monday’s CrossFit class started with Tabata intervals of plank shoulder taps, toe taps, and extreme mountain climbers. That was followed by a ‘chipper’ of 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 box overs and dumbbell snatches. There was a 100m sprint after each interval. Thanks to the running, I did really well on this workout!
Bring back step aerobics!
On Thursday, Sammy Jo had me do some accessory work. I worked my VMOs with the elastic band. I also did agility work, hopping on one foot over a rack, which was way harder than I thought it would be. There was some ab pulldown work. I also did hip bridges (75#) with a barbell alternating with dumbell presses (20#).  I felt every bit of this for a few days after!


There was waterskiing! My husband pulled me around the lake multiple times over the weekend. Since it was just the two of us and one of us had to drive the boat, I have no photos. Take my word for it. Cocoa can vouch for me.
Cocoa verifying the perfect conditions for skiing on Sunday!

Off the road…

My husband and I drove to the city to take my oldest son out for his birthday. It was my husband’s first time out to eat since the pandemic! He picked a New Orleans style restaurant in Wicker Park where we had fried chicken, fried shrimp, collard greens, mac and cheese, and biscuits. Nothing healthy and everything delicious. The tables were all socially distanced and the staff all wore masks. It felt so good to be out! 
He’s not mad, he’s chewing his food, lol
We’ve been enjoying some beautiful sunrises and sunsets lately. The hubs and I took a sunset cruise Saturday night. We weren’t disappointed. 
By the way, I’m hosting another RA Healthline chat this week on Wednesday at 7:30 CST. The topic: All About an Anti-Inflammatory Diet: How it can help with RA plus recipes. I’m pretty excited to share a few of my recipes. I’ll be sharing them in an upcoming blog post as well! If you want to join in, download the app here
An anti-inflammatory diet keeps this RA warrior active! Join me on Wednesday at 7:30 CST for a live chat on RA healthline! I’m sharing my favorite recipes! via @oldrunningmom @healthline #curearthritis
How was your week? What has been giving you life during this monotonous time? How are you coping with the stress? Have you been out to eat?

I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Rundown.

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Originally posted 2020-08-28 09:41:21.

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