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How to Make Your FAST Stuff Feel Easier + The Best Cookie Recipe + Worrying.

I have a new SKYE UPDATE!  4 Months—>  You can find it HERE.


9.65 miles done before this little one needed to go to school.  I shouldn’t have introduced her to the idea of a piggy back into school because now she loves it and my legs want to die a little bit when we do this after a speed workout.  But it is fun and I hope she’ll still want to do this when she is in junior high or high school.

IMG 5745 2

S.P.E.E.D. D.A.Y.

IMG 5743 2

Wanna know how to make your threshold pace feel a lot easier?  Do interval paces before your last set of threshold pace and it will all feel so much easier/slower because those interval paces nearly kill you off.  I am very happy with how much better my threshold pace felt yesterday compared to last week but that 6:26ish pace was no joke.  For my rests/recovery I walked.

Screen Shot 2018 04 10 at 8 37 19 AM

2.08 (I wanted to cross a busy road before I started the first interval) mile w/u @ 9:02 average pace, 2 miles @ 6:58, 2 x 5:00 (both of those were at 6:25 average pace), 2 miles @ 6:55, 2 mile c/d.    The hardest part of this workout was the last 90 seconds of those 5 minute intervals, ouch.  I just had to go to my happy place during those portions and think about donuts, baby cuddles and my bed.  It was one of those times where I also repeated to myself over and over again, ‘you can do ANYTHING for 90 seconds.’   It’s really strange but as much as those portions really hurt, I love them because they make me feel strong and awake ha.

Screen Shot 2018 04 10 at 8 37 32 AM

We ran out of bananas so I switched things up a little bit before my run.  I had a piece of toast before feeding Skye and then this gel right before I left along with water.  A few of you told me yesterday that this was the best huma flavor and you are very very right.  A step in the right direction!

IMG 5751

Not sure when I stepped in some puddles but turns out that I did.  Sometimes I get so into the zone that I don’t really notice things like puddles.  I am really loving the PureFlow 7s for speed so far.  I’ll post a full review when I get a few more workouts in on them.

IMG 5749 2

During the warm-up I listened to a short podcast from Bold New Mom.  I thought I skipped over the postpartum anxiety thing but it is showing up lately so I’m really working on controlling my thoughts and not worrying so much (not just about Skye but also the big kids).  She included a quote that I loved, ‘Worry is a misuse of the imagination.”  Whenever I need some self-help stuff to listen to, I listen to her podcast.  It was nice to listen to before the workout started too because it was a good reminder to be present and in the moment.

IMG 5750

Skye joined me for some post-run stretching.  My right glute was definitely tight after that run  Do you ever find that one side of your body gets injured more often than the other?  Does one side tighten up more than the other?  For me, my right leg has been injured more often and it usually feels more tight than the other.  I’m guessing this is due to my left side being a bit weak and my right side overcompensating for that… gotta get that figured out.

IMG 5757

Andrew had a great run too.  He has his speed workout on Thursday—>  muhahah he always hates me for a second when I give him a hard workout to do.

IMG 5764

As far as food goes yesterday for after my run, lunch and snacks—>  protein shake, hard boiled eggs (a favorite snack of mine right now but I just need to do a better job of peeling them), Kodiakcake pancakes, sun chips galore (those things are addicting) and an apple/pb.

IMG 5767

Skye had a wellness check yesterday.  As you can tell, these are not her favorite.

IMG 5780

She had to have a few more shots but she handled them pretty well and was sleeping for the rest of the day.

IMG 5772

Later on we went on a walk/bike ride.  Brooke and Knox ride their bikes quite differently.  Brooke goes in a straight line and she is very cautious of everything around her, Knox loves weaving in and around things and going as fast as he can ha.  They are very similar in some ways but very different in other ways!

IMG 5788

This arrived so I’m pretty sure it is the only thing we will be watching as a family anymore.

IMG 5786

Dinner was one of our favorite easy meals—>  roasted broccoli, rice, cheese, chicken and we added corn and beans this time too.  It’s a meal that our kids will gladly eat too.

IMG 5792

We finished off the day with The Greatest Showman and lots of stretching for me.  I’ve got a 15 miler to recover for this week.

IMG 5793


Flashback to a few days ago—>  The kids requested another cooking class on Sunday.  My definition of cooking class = attempt to teach them how to cook things that sound really good to me.


We made Megan D’s cookies!  We took them to my nephew’s bday party and my family loved them too.  I am sad to say that we did not have the butterscotch chips (and used white chocolate chips instead) but they were still delicious.  Don’t make my mistake though because the butterscotch chips take it to the next level.


Here is her recipe!

IMG 5531

I hope you have an amazing day.


Another reminder for the latest Skye Update HERE!


Does one side of your body get injured more often than the other side?  What has been the cause of most/some of your injuries?

Last type of cookie that you ate?

What was the last movie that you watched?

What did you have for dinner last night?

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