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An Awesome Run Hangs out with You All day + Ladder Workout + Heaven.

I think it is scientific that the warm-up of a track workout is supposed to feel like junk.  I am always surprised how hard that first 1-2 miles feels before I start my speed workouts but it must happen in order to add more challenge to the workout we are about to do.   So when your warmup feels awful for a speed workout, just remember it does big time for me too but once you get going… it will usually feel better and better.  I feel like with each interval my body feels better (until the end:).

2 miles @ 8:58 average and a gorgeous sunrise.

IMG 6578

I then switched into the Hyperion and noticed the little label inside.  That pepped me up to get started.

IMG 6579

I LOVE ladder workouts like this one because the intervals get shorter and shorter throughout the workout.  You accomplish one that is longer and that builds confidence for the next ones that are shorter.

Screen Shot 2018 07 17 at 5 35 06 PM

I felt way better than I expected to feel (once the warm-up was over)  so my paces were a bit faster which I was excited about.

1600m = 6:50 (6:53 pace)

2 x 1200m= 4:46 (6:23 pace), 4:43 (6:20 pace)

2 x 800m= 3:02 (6:06 pace), 3:00 (6:02 pace)

2 x 400m= 1:24 (5:37 pace), 1:22 (5:31 pace)

1 mile c/d= 8:21.

I took each of the 400m recoveries nice and easy which resulted in between 2:17-2:39 easy jog.  I also grabbed a sip of water during each recovery from my water bottle.

8.72 miles total for the morning.

Also, another PSA to use garmin connect to get your workouts programmed into your watch—>  It makes it so much easier and I no longer have to question what interval I am on <—  This post tells you how to do it.

IMG 6707

I finished the workout just as all of the sports teams were getting to the field so I will call that a major accomplishment for the day.

Isn’t it amazing how a good run kind of sticks with you for the entire day?  I feel like after a really good run my entire day goes by so much smoother and the endorphins are unlimited.   It kind of just runs over into the entire day for me.  A really good race… kind of sticks with me for a month:)

IMG 6595

Five days until my 5k.  This track workout gave me some confidence for race day.  PS this 5k had over 20,000 participants last year!  It is the biggest race in Utah and they are going for the biggest 5k in the US!  COME RUN IT WITH ME!!  Andrew and I bought the timing chips ($13) yesterday so we can start in the front but otherwise, the race is FREE!


Here’s how the rest of the day went:

We had a bunch of cousins sleep over and they were up bright and early jumping with Beretta on the tramp.

IMG 6723

Then Andrew took my brother and his family up to the airport.  I picked up Knox.

IMG 6727

He was gone for about a week and had an awesome time on his trip.

IMG 6732

We went to the park for a few minutes and then to see Dr. Bennett to get me ready for all of this marathon training over the next 11.5 weeks!  I can’t tell you how many times he has prevented injuries from happening or fixed ones that I was dealing with over the years.  We are just starting now to work on my hip drop problem so he did all sorts of muscle reactivation things and sent me home with homework to do side planks and these in the below video to help me in some areas that I am VERY weak.

On the way home Brooke was crying.  I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she doesn’t think we will have our blankies in heaven and it made her sad… I let her know that I definitely think we will have them along with any pets that we have ever had, unlimited desserts, and no running injuries.

IMG 6743

So good to see these two together.

IMG 6740

There were also some tears when a hornet got Knox on the toe.  After some icing and relaxing, he was feeling much better.

IMG 6753

And some Old Maid really got him back to feeling like himself again.

IMG 6759

We had dinner at 4:15.  I was with the youth girls in my area (I do this through my church) and Andrew wanted to get working on tiling our bathrooms at night so we pushed up dinner a bit earlier than normal.

Roasted broccoli= tastes so good but makes my house smell so terrible.

IMG 6760

Afterwards we had some coupons for Yogurtland so we made that happen.  Don’t be deceived by our amounts of goodness.. these cups are very tall.  Also, can someone teach me how to do the nail tattoos because I clearly don’t know how to do them on Brooke’s nails.

IMG 6762

Her lips binky never gets old to me.

IMG 6768


What is the biggest race that you’ve ever run?  Around how many people? If you had to choose between only doing big races or small races for the rest of your running years… which would you choose? What is your favorite interval distance—>  long, short, medium, 2 miles, 1 mile, 800m, 30 seconds?  You tell me! Question from Andrew—>  If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

-Andrew: Tahiti.  Janae: Australia.

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Originally posted 2018-07-20 03:57:46.

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