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$100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway + Spring 2018 Marathon Training Weeks 1 & 2 + Why I’m Loving My New ASICS Nimbus 20

Sponsored by ASICS.

Spring marathon training started last week with my first local race {a holiday themed 5K} in what feels like forever! My mileage for the week was right around 25, which is lower than where I usually start at the beginning of a marathon cycle, but right where I intended to be for the week.


My coach keeps track of my weekly mileage in a master plan. Because I sometimes can get a little nutty about numbers, I don’t really focus on my weekly mileage on a weekly basis. I appreciate however that she keeps track – so that when I want to know – it’s there for me! Looking at my peak week for New York City Marathon – I hit 55 miles. My goal is to hit right around 60 this training cycle. That will of course depend on the timing of what race I end up running. I haven’t signed up for anything yet {on purpose}!

The week after NYCM I ran 3 times. Had Rock N Roll Vegas not been the week after NYCM I would have completely taken the entire week off. So the three runs were – one run to shake out my legs and then the 5K and 10K in Vegas. When I came back from Vegas I ran once that week for a whopping 5.23 miles. It can be easy to get sucked in to doing too much after a marathon – especially one where you didn’t run as fast as you think you were capable of running.

The beauty of having been running marathons for so long is that now I can see that time off after a race, doesn’t actually set you back. It’s time for your body to rest and recover, which is a big part of the process of training for marathons. Recovery can’t be ignored. In the past I’d say to myself – you feel good – no harm in jumping right back in where you left off. And YES I did feel good but the cumulative effect of not taking enough time off, year after year, started to add up and instead of seeing gains – I went backwards.

The next week – week three after NYCM I ran 22.59 miles. Week four I ran 32 miles.

Week five I ran a total of 4.16 miles.

At the end of week four I was in Chicago for my sisters wedding. I had the absolute best time in Chicago and ran multiple times while there, so I thought I’d be ready to start marathon training when I got home. I wasn’t. It hit me HARD that her and I will likely never live in the same state again, or at least any time in the near future. A couple of other family things were on my mind that week as well, so I decided I needed a break. I lifted a couple of times and stayed active but didn’t lace up my running shoes.

Last week I wanted to play it safe and not jump back to 30 miles, so that’s why we kept it to 25. No need to be silly about training this early on!

And here I am now – week 2 of training!

I wanted to share what new shoe I’ve added to my rotation for this training cycle – the ASICS Nimbus 20.

When I was training for my first marathon in 2003 the ASICS Nimbus was one of my favorite running shoes. Wearing the Nimbus again feels like slipping on a little slice of my past. A past that I’m so thankful for!

It’s crazy to think they are on version 20 of this shoe?! Clearly it’s a favorite of a lot of runners, myself included.



First things first. How CUTE are they?! I know, I know – you shouldn’t pick a shoe based on what it looks like but let’s be honest it nice to wear a shoe you like to look at. The advice to not pick a shoe based on looks started long before I ever became a runner. The options back then, and even when I first started running, were limited. So essentially your choice was ugly shoe after ugly shoe – so when you saw one that was cute it was tempting to pick it over one that actually would work for you. Now runners have what can feel like unlimited options when it comes to what to run in. The Nimbus 20 alone comes in five colors for women.

What I’m liking about them:

  • I’ve always liked how the heel cup area fits in ASICS and these are no different. The back is snug without being too snug.
  • They are more “shoe” than some of my other shoes currently in my rotation. I never thought I’d be saying this at the ripe young age of 35 but my body doesn’t feel the same as it did when it was 25, which is a blessing some days but other days not so much. I like that it has a lot of cushioning for those days that I don’t feel like “feeling” the ground under my feet.
  • They are REALLY comfortable for not only running but also walking around. Yes I think I believe if you are trying to extend the life of your running shoes you should only use them for running but these are really comfortable – so I’m in no rush after my runs to take them off.
  • The tongue of the shoe isn’t too high that it rubs {pet peeve of mine because I like to wear low socks}
  • They passed the “Chloe test.” My 11 year old daughter thinks they are cute and she is basically my guide on whether something is cool. Kidding. Sort of.

If you are still on the hunt for that perfect holiday gift these shoes would make a VEEEERY nice present for the neutral runner in your life OR for that person in your family who wants to be active in 2018 {since any type of runner or walker can wear neutral shoes!}. They also are a great gift for yourself cause let’s be honest almost everyone buys at least one gift for themselves during the holiday season – right?! {tell me I’m not alone in that}

Have questions about the Nimbus 20 I didn’t answer? You can tweet me at @mileposts or find me on instagram @mileposts

Admittedly it would have been easier to wait till after the first of the year to start marathon training – I wanted the extra accountability that training adds, to help me navigate December, which is why I started when I did!

I’ve discussed with a couple of friends {and my mom} about what I’m doing this month to get back on track and feel REALLY good about myself on day #1 of the new year and the reaction has been the same from everyone – why are you doing that to yourself right now?! It’s the holidays!!

I totally understand that sentiment but I’m also not feeding in to the BS that I need to go crazy in December. I’ve had a really great year – I’ve eaten {and ran my way} through cities all over the country. I’ve enjoyed one too many drinks in Kona, Vancouver and Vegas among other fun places. I don’t feel that I’m missing out right now by buckling down in order to feel good in a couple of weeks. Quite the opposite. I’ve woken up every day since marathon training began, excited about the day ahead and what the future holds!

Instead of rewarding myself with three pieces of pie or multiple donuts I’ve created incentives {i.e. new running gear} that are helping me on my path towards making 2018 my fittest year yet!



Now to the fun part of the post! Want to win an $100 Visa gift card?!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ASICS. The opinions and text are all mine.

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